Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

Full maintenance of all hard surface floors – ceramic tile, vinyl tile, rolled vinyl, concrete, stone, and polished stone floors

Sealing, stripping, waxing, buffing (including high-speed buffing) pressure washing, hot water extraction cleaning, and auto scrubbing

Epoxy Floors Cleaning Service

Epoxy floors is one of the most misspelled term in our business. While most potential customers spell it “Expoxy”, the proper spelling is in fact “Epoxy”. Epoxy or Expoxy (however you’d prefer to spell it) is a commercial grade floor protectant that we know how to clean.

No misspelling “clean” for us. We specialize in commercial, industrial and marine epoxy floor cleanings and applications. Our ultra durable coatings are solvent free and contain zero VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and are virtually odor free which makes them environmentally friendly.

We offer our epoxy in an array of colors and all perform excellent against chemical, acid and stain resistance with no out gassing. Once installed, we recommend proper epoxy floor cleaner and processes to maximize your investment. Call us to learn how we can enhance your company’s image with our expoxy floor cleaning services and/or our epoxy floor installation coatings.

Cleaning Concrete Floors and Staining Concrete

One of the most overlooked and neglected flooring surface in many facilities is cleaning concrete. Our experience has taught us that this neglect is due to the lack of qualified, educated floor care providers, costly specialized equipment and an unidentified marketplace.

Cleaning and Restoration our main objective is to continually offer our customers options not previously available for their concrete floors. This objective is best met with our concrete cleaning and restoration services. We offer a complete list of options including concrete cleaning, concrete polishing, concrete staining and the application of specialty low maintenance concrete coatings such as preventative slip or high gloss treatments depending on your needs.

The phenomenon of using concrete as a finished flooring surface has many benefits. In the majority of facilities we service, concrete is the primary building material used for most flooring substrates. It is used for its strength and integrity. Therefore, why spend unnecessary money on costly floor coverings that will never compare to its durability? Secondly, properly finished concrete floors are one of the most stain repellant and maintenance free surfaces around. Last but not least it looks incredible. Call us for a free evaluation of your concrete floors today!

Rubber Floor Cleaning : Rubberized Flooring, Rubber Floor Tile Cleaning

Have a gym, sports complex or recreation area with a rubber floor or rubber studded floor and looking for options? Pro Tex Cleaning Services has cleaned many rubber floors and tiles and can even handle those steps that seem impossible to clean. We offer rubberized floor cleaning services such that range from daily damp mopping to rubber floor refinishing and slip resistant coatings to reduce your companies liability.

Specialty finishes are used to condition and treat rubber floors. Adhesion and wear properties are all considerations when it comes to rubber floors. We understand the flexibility properties of these finishing products and know which are best implemented for your application.

Floor Cleaning : Commercial Tile Cleaning and Grout Cleaning

Our Tile cleaning services have become one of our most popular services and it’s not hard to see why. The combination of our knowledge of proper cleaning chemistry coupled with our powerful cleaning equipment has renewed countless tile and grout surfaces. Restoration can clean tile of all types including ceramic tile, porcelain tile and quarry tile just to name a few.

Our intensive tile cleaning and grout cleaning process begins by removing the loose dry debris from your tile flooring with our hepa vacuuming system.

Next, we treat the tile and grout with a specialized solution which is specific to the type of surface being cleaned. We allow this solution to dwell for maximum soil decomposition. The final phase of our tile cleaning process concludes by high pressure rinsing the surface. In this rinsing step the imbedded soil is forced from the surface and immediately recovered and carried out to our remote cleaning unit.

After the process is complete we damp mop any remaining water from the surfaces to expedite drying and to prevent water marks on face of the tile. We offer tile cleaning services for floors, walls, countertops and shower stalls. If it can be tiled, we can clean it.

We doesn’t stop with merely cleaning and restoring your tile and grout. We offer a wide range of protectants to maintain the beauty and prevent permanent staining.

Although, if you happen to have grout lines that are past the point of no return, we also offers color staining that will rejuvenate any grout condition to a uniform, new appearance. We offers our customers over 400 colors.

If you would like to experience the amazing transformation of the tile and grout surfaces in your facility, call and schedule your appointment today!

Vinyl Flooring, Vinyl Tile Floors : Cleaning Services

Vinyl tile floors, commonly known as VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile), is the most popular type of vinyl floor covering in the market place. You see vinyl flooring installed in grocery stores, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, retail outlets, stores and commercial office settings in break rooms, lunch rooms, hallways, foyers and etc.

Basically, anywhere you look, you will probably find it. Our guess, you also may have this flooring installed somewhere in your facility. We perform more vinyl tile floor cleaning projects than any other specialty cleaning service we offer. It is daily that we are completing vinyl floor care procedures for our clients.

Most customers will refer to this type of cleaning as floor buffing, floor stripping and floor waxing. Doesn’t matter how you refer to it, we know what you mean and what you need.

Vinyl flooring is the most durable type of surface and enables many different types of floor maintenance programs to be implemented for it. While we don’t want to overload you with too much technical detail here, the bottom line is, once we see your operation, we can evaluate the current condition of the floor.

Then, we can make proper recommendations as to what floor care system would be best in place for optimal results.

In the floor care industry, there are many variables in regards to floor finishes and waxes for low maintenance, high speed maintenance mop/scruband applications.

In addition, there are certain characteristics of floor finishes that respond differently to floor equipment. Some of these considerations would be features such as slip resistance, black heel mark resistance, non-yellowing characteristics, self leveling, fast drying, heavy traffic resistance, soft or hard finishes, melting temperatures, less or more solids (also known as zinc), polymer cross-linking for durability and more.

There are various levels of floor finish performance and we recognize the best technology has to offer. This enables us to hand pick a quality floor finish and vinyl floor cleaning program yielding long term and top notch results for our clients. Choosing the proper floor finish/wax for you is our specialty.

As for vinyl floor maintainers to restore your floors and maintain the floor finish base, it is important to choose compatible products when completing daily floor cleaning tasks. Three basic systems to choose from would be mop-on restorers, spray buffs and polishing crèmes.

For daily mopping, there are vinyl floor conditioners, synthetic neutral floor cleaners and neutral disinfectants. Let us get your VCT vinyl floors shining with our expertise in choosing the right floor care combination for you.

Marble Polishing, Marble Repair and Marble Restoration Floor Cleaning

In many ways this particular service due to the stones natural and delicate chemistry is among the most technical we offer. Marble installations as a flooring surface have become very popular for its indisputable and unmatched beauty. To maintain this beauty requires the skills of a trained and educated craftsman.

We and Restoration has completed countless hours of classroom and field training in marble polishing and marble restoration. In Addition to our marble polishing services, we also perform marble repair such as marble crack repair and marble chip repair. When you call Us and Restoration you can expect to have your Marble Floor cleaning performed by the following methods.

Grinding, grinding, grinding. This is what Marble Restoration is all about. Grinding is a term used to define a very aggressive calibrating action aimed at leveling the surface of the marble tile flooring. Marble Grinding of a floor or wall means leveling all the components, i.e. tiles, by eliminating the “steps” where the tiles meet. These steps are also known as “lips”.

Marble honing is a term used to define the smoothing action aimed at eliminating the scratch pattern created by the marble grinding. Honing is just a mild grinding action aimed at making the marble surface very smooth and ready to be polished.

Polishing is the term used to describe the final step of the marble restoration process. Marble polishing is the phase that makes the marble as shiny as possible. This final phase is where all the differences emerge and separate the true marble restoration professional from those who don’t

Full maintenance of carpet

Shampooing, steam cleaning, hot water extraction cleaning – truck mounted and portable equipment

Carpet Extraction: Steam Extraction and Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Services

When it comes to carpet cleaning, proper extraction is the most thorough method possible. At our Cleaning and Restoration, we offer hot water extraction also known as steam extraction. Our steam extraction services can restore the dirtiest, matted and neglected carpeting to “like new” condition. We ensure that you receive the highest standards of carpet cleaning by following the five (5) fundamental principles of carpet care. Below is a brief overview of the carpet extraction process.

i. The first initial step is to fully vacuum your carpeting to be serviced. We use commercial vacuuming equipment to remove the dry, damaging, abrasive particulate soil found in carpets and rugs.
ii. Next, we pre-treat and pre-spray all your carpeting with specialized extraction solutions. This step prepares and creates suspension of the oily soils for proper removal via extraction method during the rinse step which follows.
iii. We next use our state of the art extraction equipment to rinse the carpeting of all soils, previous soaps and cleaning solutions. This process maximizes cleanliness and yields the benefits of minimized re-soiling once complete.
iv. After the extraction service is complete, our next priority is to dry your carpets fast. We accomplish this by controlling the indoor air temperature by utilizing special fans called air movers.
v. Finally, we groom your carpets to further improve drying time and deliver maximum appearance.

If you’re considering costly carpet replacement instead of carpet cleaning, call us today to schedule an evaluation by a certified carpet cleaning professional.

Carpet Protection : Carpet Protector and Carpet Protection – Carpet Protector Services

Concerned your carpets won’t keep an acceptable appearance between scheduled cleanings? Ask us about the application of carpet protector for your facility’s carpets and rugs. Although there are no indestructible remedies against spots and soiling, our carpet protectors will inhibit permanent soiling in both high traffic and large volume areas when incorporated as part of our comprehensive maintenance program. Don’t let unnecessary spot and spills compromise the beauty and life expectancy of your carpets. You may choose from the brand names we’ve known to trust such as:

• Scotchgard (Scotchguard TM) Carpet Protector
• 3M Carpet Protector
• DuPont Teflon Carpet Protector
• And more……

We offer these brand name carpet protection products as well as other professional grade alternatives. You may select from a full menu of protectants for your hand picked carpet protection product of choice. Of course, we’ll be able to give you proper recommendation for your application once on site. Call us today to find out more details how we can furnish you with a carpet cleaning and carpet protection program.